Chapter 1 of Under the Surface

The story starts off with the narrator, Tom Wilber, who wants to own some land that he thinks has oil or gas underneath it’s surface. The land is auctioned at 12.5 percent of the land offered at $25 an acre.

If you were Tom, and you thought that the land auctioned had oil under it, would you buy it for $25 and acre? And if so, why?

Tom tells of his friend Ron who wants to find Marcellus shale and profit from it. Ron’s home was a foundation near a old mine that has a bad story connected to it. It is said that 2000 miners died in that mine due to a crumble in the mines dirt that was formed from a river. As the river grew, so did the crack and one day the water funneled into the mines causing the pillars that were holding the mine cave up, to crumble. Shortly after, Ron bought the land near the river and was told of the horrific history of his newly owned property.

If you had just bought the land, and heard of it’s terrible story, would you think twice about buying the property? 



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