Review of the Ted Talk Video

The video talks about how Natural gas is a depleting resource that we humans have greedily started to use up. Natural gas has been a resource used to fuel our daily lives as well as fossil fuels and oil. If we are to use Natural resources properly and keep them available to us, then we need to be wise in not only our spending in money, but also how we clean up after ourselves. Natural gases like electricity or water can be reliable, but say this, of we have already used up our oil and gas, then what will happen if we start to greed on the fuel of nature? So what if we don’t take care of our earth, then what? Well, if we don’t take care of the world that we live on, then why bother to find new alternative ways to fix our garbage habits? Why should we even care about the fact that our world is dying? What then?

What do you think of the video? How can you help the Earth? 

Please tell me in the comments.
If we want Natural gas to succeed, then we need to start taking action and help out the Earth!


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