Review on article

As I read the article I found out that fracking is not only hurting the environment, but is hurting the economy as well as the water companies are looking for a way to keep their water. According to the article in the 2nd paragraph under the article, Fracking is draining water from US areas suffering major shortages – report, which was published on February 05, 2014 at 22:31, it states that ” Three-quarters of the nearly 40,000 oil and gas wells drilled in the US since 2011 were located in areas of the country facing water scarcity, according to research by the Ceres investor network. Over half of those new wells were in areas experiencing drought conditions.”

If we continue to drill for oil, the ground that contains the oil within it will loose all of its oil preserves and will experience a great drought. According to the article in paragraph 6 under the article Fracking is draining water from US areas suffering major shortages-report which was onPublished on February 05, 2014 of 22:31, it states that, “Half of the 97 billion of water used since 2011 for fracking have gone to wells in Texas, a state in the midst of a severe, years-long drought. Meanwhile, oil and gas production through fracking is on track to double in the state over the next five years, the Guardian reported.”

If we don’t do anything about finding a new solution to finding oil, then why should we continue to hurt the earth and deplete it of its resources? What can you do to help the Earth?                                                                 


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