Review on short story: Here is the other short story of fracking

The article talks about how Hydraulic fracking has hurt Maryland because of how he oil companies have been drilling near there wells, thus has created a toxic problem thousands of feet below their ground. The oil companies are trying to get to the Marcellus shale which they had hoped to reach the natural gas that would be collected and extracted.

Reports of leaking gas and fracking fluids have been reported by the Bureau of Lake Management, Duke University, and the Environmental Protection Agency. These chemicals have been said to be leaked into the water companies without discloser.  

Workers are being harmed by chemical explosions, animals are dying due to drinking contaminated water in lakes or rivers, and the land has turned into an abundant area of garbage and rotting corpses.

The atmosphere has been changed due to the burning of natural gas filled with carbon dioxide rather than coal or oil.

Maryland residents want to ban the working of the fracking in their community, a time has been set at the New Embassy Theater in Cumberland on Nov. 20th to stop the new threat of hydraulic fracking!

What could you do to help stop the pandemic of fracking?

Source and link to story:

The story was posted on Nov. 17, 2013 to the Editor from Cumberland Times-News.



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