Under the Surface ch.2

The narrator talks about a woman named Jackie Root who is in search of Marcellus shale. She attended collage at The University of Delhi before she started to buy a 400-acre Dairy farm where she would live with husband Cliff. Jackie loved horses, and she had married a man who loves cows. Together, her and her husband owned a commercial dairy farm.

After the narrator tells of Jackie’s back story, he then starts to talk about a land man who wanted the lease that they owned to the government. The lease was a 12.5 percent lease. The land man also offered a $5 and acre land trade. She was later forced to relinquish assets to their land while burdening the lands people with liabilities. At this time, land men had lacked geological specifies about the territory they had been assigned to lease. Jackie used this knowledge to her advantage. After she charted who was buying mineral rights, she would then be able to tell how much the gas companies had found out about her land. she later took this case to court and won.



The narrator talks about how he had friends who worked in NYC for oil and gas companies looking for Marcellus shale. He learned that a company called XTO had just found a massive deposit of shale under Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The only problem was that there were pipelines along the territory that the company wished to mine at. And so began the Fracking for the shale.
what do you think will happen in chapter 3?


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