Fracking Poem review

The first paragraph of the poem, a withdrawal from cycle of life.., could refer to a withdrawal of recycling because to recycle is to give back to Earth and helping out nature by not throwing away anything that can be used again.

The second paragraph, water cycling since primordial times.., could refer to the endless cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation as we interpret water never really depleting but rather continuing to flow in many types of forms.

The forth paragraph, afternoon rainstorms diminished.., simply might mean the end of a violent rainstorm.

The fifth paragraph of the poem reads, that rain from earthly stimulation now her flow interrupted impure.., could mean that something bad has affected the rain fall like gas or oil.

The final paragraph, is now time for fracturing or for joining and return…?, could mean that if Fracking does continue, then our world may face an ecological cataclysm far worse than forest depletion.

End summary: This poem talks about what Fracking is doing to our Earths main resource which is water. the authors describes Fracking as an end to the cycle of water. There are different types of Fracking and the described in the poem is a form of Fracking called hydraulic Fracking which drills dig into water filled areas and pollute the water in aquifers. If Fracking hurts the aquifers by contaminating them with oil, then why should we continue to use it?    





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